Egg Shares allow you a Farm-To-Table,
wholesome, food option!

We take pride in raising chickens the Old Fashioned way!

What Does this mean?

They are raised in pasture where they can live off the land scratching for bugs and eating weeds. They are supplemented with Organic, Non-GMO, Soy Free whole grain feed. They are not given antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts. They are raised as Chickens.

We also do not believe that chickens being raised as nutrients for us should be show quality. In the realm of food and nutrition chicken don’t need to look a specific way. So we allow our chickens to be mixed breeds. Breeding from our own stock to produce birds that are healthy, winter hardy, and lay well.  Because of this, you will be quite surprised at the color of your eggs. They will be white, brown, blue and green.

They will also taste like no other egg you have ever eaten and will supply your family with higher nutrients as well.

Serving The DMV Area!

The Debate is Over

Mother Earth News has debunked the USDAs claims that all eggs are considered equal!
Pastured Eggs Are Better For YOU!
Pastured Eggs Compared to Store Bought..
% More Vitamin A
% More Omega-3 Fatty Acids
% More Vitamin E
% More Beta Carotene
% Less Saturated Fat
% Less Cholesterol

The Proof Is In The Egg!

And not only do we know our pasture raised eggs are healthy for you because of studies that have been conducted but we also know because of this…


Can you see the difference?


Left Image,Top Image, Top: our egg, Bottom: store bought free range organic egg

Right Image,Bottom Image, Top: egg bought from farmers market, Middle, store bought organic egg, Bottom: our egg


Still don’t believe me that our eggs are better for you and taste better?
Cluck at Us to get your free sample!


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  • Price Per Dozen
  • Quantity/Delivery
  • # of Pick-Ups in Season
  • Share Total Price
  • Half Share
  • $ 6 . /dozen
  • One Dozen
  • 9 Pick-Ups
  • $ 54 . /summer season
  • Full Share
  • $ 5 .50 /dozen
  • One Dozen
  • 9 Pick-Ups
  • $ 99 . /summer season
  • Double Share
  • $ 5 .25 /dozen
  • Four Dozen
  • 9 Pick-Ups
  • $ 189 . /summer season

Important About Summer 2016

Note* As this is our first share season (YAAAAYYY), we will only be offering a limited number of shares. This share season will have a flexible start date as we are growing our flock. We project share pick-ups to start mid June and go through beginning of October. Share prices hold for the number of deliveries no matter the start date.

If shares sell out but you would like one. Get on our email list or Cluck at Us We may have enough production to add share holders throughout the summer months for the same weekly rate.

Share Seasons:
Summer, Mid April thru Mid October
Winter, Mid October thru Mid April

Current Pick-Up Locations

We currently have three active Pick-Up Locations and one inactive.

  • Woodbridge, VA-Port Potomac Neighborhood
  • Gainesville/Haymarket, VA-Stepney Plantation Neighorhood-Our Homestead
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Baltimore, MD-this locations is planned to start Fall 2016 season-Let Us Know If You’re Interested

Don’t see a location by you but want the best quality eggs?

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Add On Items

Some weeks will will have add on items for your bi-weekly pick-ups!
These can include Naturally Grown Veggies, fruits and other cooking needs!

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