Questions and Answers For Everything Eggnimga

How Does The Egg Share Work?

We naturally raise chickens in the cleanest and most humane ways. We collect eggs that are then packaged and brought to our host families homes. Those eggs are then picked up by you on a bi-weekly basis.

What to expect at your your pick-up/host families home?

At the host families home, you will find a cooler. (The location is dependent on which pick-up location you choose. We will give you more details once your share is purchased.) With the cooler will be a clip board that has a list of share holders and products to be picked up. Please sign on the clipboard to verify your pick-up for the week. You can then take from the cooler your shares/eggs ad any add on items.


Pick-Up Time is between 3-7pm

Day of week depends on locations

Where do you deliver?

Egg Shares: Serving All DMV Area

We currently have three pick-up locations:

  • Woodbridge, VA
  • Our Homestead in Gainesville/Haymarket, VA
  • Alexandria, VA

A pick-up locations is in the works for Baltimore, MD

Cluck at Us about your interest!


We also offer direct delivery for a business and neighborhoods when share holders total 6 or more.


Share A Chicken and Hatch A Chick:
We deliver, for free, within 20 miles of our Homestead in Gainesville, VA. All deliveries outside of this will incur a $1 per mile charge.

Why are pick-ups every other week?

In order to keep our costs as low as possible for you and us, we have chosen to offer an every other week pick-up schedule suppose to an every week. This is a great option since fresh eggs are considered fresh for 4 weeks. It also allows us to better manage our egg stock and guarantee availability for multiple pick-up locations across our wide DMV area.

How long will my eggs last?

Your egg carton will be dated with a pack date which is also the date of lay. Your eggs will be super fresh for 4 weeks from this date.

What if I will miss a delivery?

If you need to, for whatever reason, miss a pick-up we highly encourage you to get a friend or family member to pick your share up for you. They can sign on your name on your pick-up sheet on the clipboard. It is important to let us know that someone will be picking up your share.

If this is not a possibility, get in touch with us beforehand, we will make sure to not include your share that will and will replace it your next pick-up.

It makes it very difficult for us to keep up with demand if this situations occurs frequently. Only one replaced share can be substituted for another week within a share season.

Do you wash your eggs?

We do not wash our eggs! There are many reasons for this including costs and time. But it is mainly because we don’t feel that it is necessary. Read about it here

Please do not wash them when you bring them home before use as you will remove the bloom which allows bacteria to enter. What I recommend is that you wash them as you use them with just regular soap and water.

Do I need to refrigerate my eggs?


We do not refrigerate our eggs. This is why

If you prefer to refrigerate your eggs that is completely okay. Just remember once refrigerated they need to stay refrigerated.

Why are you not organic?

There are significant costs involved to become certified organic through the USDA. The title organic has also become washed down by the USDA and we don’t believe the standards exist in a way that makes sense. Because of these things we cannot say our eggs or chickens are organic legally. But our standards are beyond the standards required for USDA organic. We feed only Organic, Non-GMO, soy free grain from a local and sustainable source. We do not give and hormones or antibiotics and they are allowed pasture access all light hours of the day.

Why are your chickens not vegitarian?

Chickens by nature want protein from bugs and worms living in our environment. They are not given any animal byproducts but they are allowed to be on pasture and eat what they find. In order for chickens and there eggs to be vegetarian they can not have any access to outdoor space, be aware.

Where is your chicken grain from?

New Country Organics!

They are a family owned company offering local deliveries to help the small farmer and local community. They believe in sustainable practices and teaching good agricultural ethics.

Contact them if you would like to obtain any of there feeds or grains or I can add anything to a drop-off location.

What is a share farm?

A Share Farm, or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), is a partnership between a farmer and the community for whom that farmer is growing food. It is a unique way for you to have a meaningful connection to your farmer and get truly fresh sustainable produce.

What are the benefits of a share farm?


~Please read and accept to become a Share Holder~

A Share Farm is a partnership between a farmer and the community for whom that farmer is growing food. It is a unique way for you to have a meaningful connection to your farmer and get truly fresh organic produce. From the farmer’s perspective, we get payment early in the year to help with our up-front costs and know how many people we will be growing for during the season. CSA cuts out the middle man in food sales, reduces the distance your food travels, lowers your carbon footprint, and helps us farm in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


The following policies will help you know what to expect from us and keep our Shares working smoothly for all our members.


Pick-Up Sites

Eggnigma delivers weekly cartons of natural eggs and other farms products to pick-up sites in the DMV area. As a member,  you sign up in advance and then pick up your chosen share at your pick-up site during the allotted hours on your pick-up day.

  • You are responsible for picking up your box from your pick-up site on your pick-up day during the specified time window for your site. If you forget to get your box, most hosts will leave the boxes out for you to pick up the next morning. Hosts will donate the produce from any leftover boxes after that.
  • If, for any reason, your name is not on the list at your pick-up site, DO NOT TAKE A BOX. There are exactly the number of boxes at the site as there are members on the list, so you would be taking someone else’s box. Call the farm owner,  Anna at 410-979-7521 to figure out what the problem is. If the problem was our fault we will make arrangements with you to get you your share.
  • Please treat our host sites with the utmost respect. Our hosts generously offer up their homes, schools, churches, and businesses for us to deliver your shares. Observe any instructions at your site as far as parking. Try to avoid excessive noise, and of course don’t leave a mess or trash at your pick up site.
  • Some pick-up site hosts make their contact information available to members. However, please only contact hosts with reasonable requests regarding pick-up issues.
  • We will occasionally offer flats of naturally grown produce or other items for you to order and pick up at your pick-up site. Please only take items that you have ordered and paid for. If you ordered it, it will appear on the sign sheet by your name.

Donations, Vacations, and Cancellations

  • If you will be out of town or otherwise unable to pick up your box, we suggest you have a friend, relative, or neighbor pick up your share. What a great way to introduce the concept of CSA to your friends!
  • If no one can pick up your share for you we can add it to your next pickup, if available. We will only allow one rescheduled pick up a share season.
  • If you simply don’t pick up your share, the host at your site is free to donate your shares as they see fit. We cannot refund money for shares not picked up.
  • If you need to cancel your subscription mid-season for any reason, (e.g. you are moving or simply cannot continue with the Share Farm), we will refund your money for the shares that you won’t be able to receive. If a refund is requested, please allow up to 30 days to receive it.

What’s in the Boxes

We are a small family farm that grows chickens for eggs. Certain times of the season we will have add on items based on availability. These could include, fresh butchered chickens, produce, or any other farm item.

  • We send out a list of whats available for add ons in the e-mail newsletter, and post it on Facebook and on our website . This is a “current” list. So once sold for the week, it’s sold out.
  • We do everything we can and take all precautions to keep our birds safe from predators. But in the event that we have a major loss. All shares will be moved to the next season. We encourage you to be flexible in this event. The only shares that will be refunded are in situations when someone may be moving.

Sign-Up and Costs

We use a web-based sign-up program. With it, CSA members have online access to their own accounts, so you can check on your subscription, renew, make payments, and access your pick-up site directions. Once you sign up online you will have an account with a password that you can access anytime.

  • Our season is 36 weeks long and goes from mid-April to the week before mid-October.  For our first season, 2016, we are pushing our season short to 18 weeks starting mid-June.
  •  The basic price per share is $5.50 per dozen with a smaller option for $6.00 per dozen and a double dozen option for $5.25 a dozen. When available, single dozens can be added on for $6 a dozen.
  • New members may purchased a 6 egg trial that can be picked up at a pick-up location or delivered rite to your door for the cost of $5.
  • Each new season will open for purchase 30 days before season start.

Winter Session

  • Due to the Virginia cold winters our hens slow in production. This means we can only offer half and full share options during our winter season.

Payment Methods

  • There are now three ways to make payments: paypal, amazon and personal check. We prefer electronic payments.
  • If you like to pay by check, we will send you our mailing address once we receive your order.  Please make sure you mail your check in time for us to receive your payment at least 10 days from date of purchase.
  • For another questions please email us