Keeping in line with our goals to teach our neighbors about where and how food comes to us, we offer you and your children a hatching experience!

Watch as chicks take their 21 day journey, developing in the egg, and then as they peck out of the egg to begin life!

You can do this with our support and supplies!

  • 7 Fertile Hatching Eggs

  • Top Quality, 7 Egg Incubator with Easy View of Hatch

  • A Candling Lite Which Allows Viewing of the Developing Chick Inside of the Egg

  • Informational Brochure

  • 24 Hour Phone Support

  • Delivery, Setup and Pickup of all Equipment and Chicks

Program Is For a 21 Day Hatch  $120

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Hatch A Chick Is great for

Hatching eggs can be a rewarding and enlightening project for..

School Classrooms
Play Groups
Home Schoolers
Parents and Their Children

And Of Course without Any Children Around this is a fun experience for any age, even us Adults!

Things To Keep In Mind

#1. It’s a great way to help your children learn about responsibility
Hatching baby chickens has just the right amount of hands on involvement for your children, without it being a particularly strenuous or complicated task. Children can help with some very simple tasks. They can be responsible for candling the eggs at three intervals during the incubation. They can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity – and listen out for the alarm. Both of these tasks will have guidelines and things for them to pay attention to.

#2. Prepare your children–and yourself!–for the trials and tribulations of hatching
It can be very disappointing to get a bad hatch rate, so you will want to be sure to prepare them to understand both the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. All types of situations can arise, which we will go over in more detail together, that can cause a zero hatch rate, even when you are very experienced with hatching eggs–that has happened to me before! In these cases we will decide together if you would like another set of eggs, at no charge, to try again. If you do get a bad hatch rate, this can be a teaching moment, too… you can open the eggs to look to see what may have gone wrong as we direct in troubleshooting.

#3. Best of all there is a wealth of information a child can learn from hatching eggs dependent on there age
Learning can begin with the embryo and how it develops. Children can be taught and asked questions about how chickens live and what they provide for us and nature. Students can be asked to find things around their homes that are from nature and effect their lives. As you can see the list can go on and on…. I am always able to offer suggestions on the subjects around chickens and chick development.

#4. Include your children in the entire process–not just the hatching part!
We do not want to encourage children to disregard living things. We want to teach them that we need to have concerns about the ultimate well being of these birds that will be hatching. In our program we bring the baby chicks back to our farm, but we do encourage anyone who is interested, to adopt any of the chicks that are hatched for a small fee. We also encourage any adults to ask questions about the wellbeing of the chicks once hatched and of course you are always welcome to visit us to learn more about chicken care.