Join Me, From The Beginning

Knowledge is Power! And through knowledge we can teach others, especially our children!

When we moved to rural, Northern Virginia, 7 years ago, I thought, “what am I doing, I don’t belong in the country?” But instead of fighting this rural country I thought it was time to embrace it.  I learned, very quickly that there was a vast and natural world around me that I really didn’t understand. Sure, I spent my younger years living outdoors, eating vegetarian with my parents, watching my father garden and knowing that our planet is precious. But I really didn’t understand the depth of what it all meant.

There is an entire earth living under our feet that is full of chemistry and microbiology.  What I did not know is that we, as humans, are fundamentally the same as this earth we stand on. Because we are built on the same “building blocks” we need to same things. Every part of this living earth, including ourselves, is interconnected! Permaculture, well permaculture is where it is all happening, but I’ll save that for another time.

After fighting with the idea that I belonged in a city, with culture and excitement, I decided to find a new in the place I was, the country. So….First Step…I got chickens! I have learned that I may have a black thumb, which is very disappointing, but mammals…I got this!


What I have learned over the past 6 years….

Chickens help create and nourish those building blocks for the land

They turn the Earth

They eat the bugs

They give the most neutral fertilizer of any manure

They do not compact our ground like larger agriculture animals

To the point, they are…..

High producers of nutritious food for us and our families!

Low in consumption, the energy they use is much less then they put out!

But they nourish us in ways other animals cannot.


These all work together to maintain Sustainable living. The awesome part…when you allow nature to do its work and not get in its way, it sustains it self!