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When You Sign Up To Host a Egg Share Pick-Up location
All Work Shares Receive a Discount. Contact Me for More Info

Work Shares are so very important to meeting the goals of our farm. Please check out what you can offer!

Available Work Shares

Host A Pick-Up Site

Are You In The DMV Area and want to get your egg share? Become a Host Site!

At this time we have a great need for Host Pick-Up sites as this is our first year.  This Work Share is the reason our business works.

  1. A Cooler Gets left at your Home
  2. Every other week we come and fill it with our Eggs and any other add on items that have been purchased
  3. You put the cooler outside your front door or on your porch
  4. Share holders come between a dedicated time to pick up there shares
  5. At the end of the day you bring the cooler back into your home

We ask that share holders never knock on the door or bother you in anyway. We also as for any rules that you hold important for the share holders picking up from your location.

New Pick-Up locations can begin once we have 6 or more members signed up for that location. So spread the word and get your neighbors involved!

Host A Corporate Location

Corporate Pick-Ups are great for you busy, full time workers who want to supply and cook for your families healthy and nutritious food but your schedules make it almost impossible. Well, we make it possible!

We will deliver every other week direct to a corporate location!

All you need to do is get your employees and coworkers on board.

6 Share members and you got your selves a direct delivery, no going out of your way to pick up from a share holders home!

Get The Kids Involved

Since we pride ourselves on involving our community, but especially, the next generation, we want them to be involved. This work share is for the kids. Once a month your child can come to the farm and give us a hand. Its a great way to start teaching them about where there food is coming from!

You and Your Snow Plow

As we look ahead I am preparing for next winter. If you have a snow plow and could be on call to help dig out access to the chickens then your my Guy!!! or Gal!!! Obviously this work share is only based on weather.

Your Ideas

Look, I know many of you are super smart, creative and will think of things I have not. So, do you have an idea? Or a suggestion in a way you can be involved? As always, we are open to anything!